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Tips: How To Negotiate Your Salary

Tips: How To Negotiate Your Salary


First, think hard about what’s most important to you, including salary and anything else, from the non-compete clause to the office where you’ll sit. What are you willing to give up? What is make or break?

Forbes talked to three employment experts about the best way for job candidates to negotiate salary and perks…

Keep proving your worth
Don’t stop selling yourself once you’re talking money. Keep volunteering ideas and strategies for tackling challenges in your new job. The more an employer values you, the more she’ll be willing to pay.

Be clear about what you’re willing to give up
What’s make or break for you? Salary? Vacation? Severance? A non-compete agreement? A nice office? Figure out what your bargaining chips are before you start negotiating.

Leverage any other offers
Tell employers about your conversations with other hiring managers and about any offers you may have. That information can only bolster your bargaining power.

Do your homework
Web sites like glassdoor.com and LinkedIn can help you research the compensation levels and perks at your prospective employer. Go in knowing all you can about what salary you should expect.

Offer to do a project before you take the job
If the hiring manager balks at your salary request, offer to do a project on a prorated basis. Once you’re in the door and showing how good you are, the employer will likely meet your salary request.

Negotiate in person
It’s easier to make an impression face to face rather than on the phone. People feel more of an obligation to other people when they’re physically present.

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