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    Switch Accountants

    Thinking about switching accountants?

    Entrusting a company with your accounts is an important part of your business and something which is a very personal decision to make. Switching is a simple process which we can handle on your behalf.

    You can change accountants at any time and if you are not happy where you are it is usually best to make the switch as soon as you can – even if you are close to your year end.

    There are many reason why you may wish to seek a change in accountants:

    • You don’t have one point of contact who understands your business and can answer your questions quickly.
    • You don’t receive ongoing advice to ensure you are running in the most tax efficient way.
    • Your business has outgrown your current accountants.
    • Your current accountants do not plan for your future.
    • You receive high or unexpected fees.
    Why choose Carrington Accountancy?

    Building a successful business means hard work and nurturing your client relationships along the way, let us take care of your day to day accounting operations so that you can focus on what’s important – Your business or contract!

    We have been MTD ready since 2018 and can offer cloud accounting. While a client of ours, we’ll proactively give you advice on shareholding, expenses, changes in HMRC legislation and tax relief. Our service goes far beyond standard payroll and administration, and focuses on the more important needs and requirements of all small businesses, contractors and freelance professionals from any industry.

    We understand the small business and contractor market, and have developed a service which provides the support, safety and freedom that you need in order to focus fully on your business or contract.

    We are able to offer a complete range of services to our clients including; Business setup, Payroll, Registered office, Filing of self assessment returns, Book keeping services, VAT returns and year-end accounts. We will tailor our services to your exact business needs.

    We will always agree our fees with you well in advance so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises and, where we can, we will always be happy to give you as much ad hoc advice as possible at no extra charge.

    We build up long-term relationships with our clients. You will often have one person who you will deal with, but we all make sure we are familiar with each client’s business – this means that there is never any problems when any of the team are on holiday or away – there will always be another individual who will be able to assist.

    “We stand out in the market for providing a comprehensive and professional service, tailored to suit your needs”

    Send us a message below or request a callback for a no obligation chat. We will be able to handle all of the paperwork i.e draft a notice and disengagement letter, liaise with your current accountants and instruct HMRC for us to authorise on your behalf – Making the switch as hassle-free as possible.


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      We will contact you straight away and never sell your details to a 3rd party.