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    Personal Tax Service

    More and more people are being asked to submit a Self Assessment Tax Return. Carrington Accountancy is here to help you every step of the way when completing your self assessment, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

    We offer a complete self assessment service, from filing your tax return on your behalf, to highlighting areas for potential tax savings. Our friendly accountants will ensure that your tax return ticks all the boxes, whilst ensuring you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

    Completion and submission of Self-Assessment Tax Return

    Take the stress out of submitting your personal tax return, with Carrington Accountancy. Our experienced accountants can help you with self assessment preparation for HMRC, saving you headaches in the run up to the deadline of January 31st. We’ll calculate your tax liability or determine if you’re eligible for any tax refunds, then complete and file your return for you.

    Left it until the last minute? Our fast, accurate service will give you peace of mind that your accounts have been dealt with by a team of professionals, for a competitive fixed price. We could even identify areas where you can pay less tax or claim a rebate!

    Whether you’re completing your first self assessment or you’ve been let down by your previous accountancy firm, our professional, proactive approach makes us a trusted choice for clients in London and beyond.

    To find out more about our self assessment service, give us a call on 0203 713 4530.

    We’d be happy to answer any questions!

    Projection and planning for your future tax liabilities

    Carrington Accountancy have invested heavily in new technology that allows clients to see their potential future personal tax liabilities. Of course, these projections are based upon assumptions in terms of future income but nevertheless it has proven to be a very worthwhile investment as it has allowed clients to really plan for their next tax bill and in some cases, take steps to mitigate some or all of their tax liability.

    Our system allows a ‘What If scenario to be created where we can insert potential future income and /or gains to see in the next tax year how these will affect the tax position. It has been especially useful since the introduction of the new dividend tax and has allowed clients to plan when and how much dividends to take. It has also allowed them to see in real figures how the dividend tax is affecting them. We also expect to roll this out to clients with buy to let portfolios who will be affected significantly by the reduction in the ability to claim all finance costs against rental income.

    If you would like some more information on this service please call Carrington Accountancy on 0203 713 4530.