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"HMRC" Debt Scam Phone Call – Steps to Take

July 17, 2018

We have recently been informed of a scam where apparent HMRC staff or debt collectors are ringing and demanding money to be paid immediately.


This can be pretty scary stuff. They are very insistent, may call numerous times and sound very believable. You might be threatened with arrest, a prison sentence and having your possessions taken and sold if they do not receive payment.


If you receive a call like this and are suspicious, please do the following;

  • Ask them to confirm the UTR – but DO NOT tell them if they ask you for your UTR.
  • Tell them that you have an agent that deals with your tax and that you will contact them immediately to discuss things.
  • Do not be tempted to engage in conversation – put the phone down.
  • Get in touch with Carrington immediately afterwards.
  • Definitely do not be tempted to make any payments before checking with Carrington.
  • Do not give them any personal details whatsoever.

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