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Online Questionnaire

We can now prepare your tax return for the tax year April 2011 - April 2012, please complete the below online questionnaire and submit it to us, we will then contact you to finalise your return.

  • Please complete every box below:

  • Have you already made payments on account for 2011/2012, if so how much?

Important Notice - If you have received any other documentation from HM Revenue & Customs, which may provide us with more information to complete your Tax Return, please forward this to us. Tax Coding Notices and Statements of Account are particularly useful. It is your responsibility to provide us with all the information requested. We cannot be responsible for information requested but not received, as this could affect the accuracy of the return. It is important that we receive all relevant documentation including your P60, P11D benefits form, statements of Interest received and pension statements, as we are unable to process your Return without these. If we do not receive all of this information in a timely fashion a non standard fee may be applied.

Please take “Reasonable care” - HM Revenue & Customs expect you to take reasonable care over your tax affairs, and this requirement continues even when you have an agent acting for you. We therefore accept this appointment on the basis that you will take care to ensure that your tax affairs are properly dealt with, and in particular you will :

  • Provide us with all information relevant to your tax affairs when asking us to prepare and submit a return on your behalf, or when seeking advice about a transaction or proposed transaction, and
  • Check any return we provide to you for approval carefully and advise us if you consider the return to be inaccurate.
  • Taking care also involves keeping records which are sufficient to ensure that your tax return is correct.

Please ask for advice if you need help with this. Failure to take reasonable care could mean that you incur a penalty if there is a mistake on any return submitted on your behalf, and will also extend the period HMRC can go back over your records to assess additional tax from four to six years.

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