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Carrington Accountancy 'Golden Shot' Client Competition

July 3, 2013, 10:01 a.m.


Every summer, the Carrington Accountancy team enjoy a day out as a thank you for all their hard work and dedication to our clients. Don't worry, we always ensure that during this one day we have our phones covered and that John and myself are always contactable should you have 'an emergency accounting need'!

As well as a thank you to the team, the day is also designed as a bit of team bonding experience and we have a condition that we try and do something that none of us have done before and probably may never do again! So far we have done Circus Training, learning to cook 'Moroccan' style and last year we learnt how to  Fly Fishing.

This year the summer day out takes place next Wednesday on July 10th and we are off to learn Archery. We will have some intensive tuition in the sport of bow and arrows and it will culminate in a mini tournament. Maybe some of you remember the famous Bob Monkhouse 'Golden Shot' TV game show?  (if you are as old as John and myself!!)



We thought it would be a fun idea to run a competition for our clients based on our archery skills - or lack of, so we are going to run the following competition:

Simply email us with who you think will be the best shot and win the archery competition. All clients who guess the winner will be entered into a draw and the lucky winner from the draw will receive one free months accounting fees.

John also thought clients should have a guess as to who is the worst shot!  Go ahead and name who you think will miss the target and if you guess correctly we will send you a surprise consolation gift!.  

The team members participating in the event are:


John Mumford

Nicky Owen

Kyle Wright

Simon Cooper

Ross Jex

Clare Pocock

Rowann Baker

Nadia Trozzo

Nisar Khusro

Jackie Cripps


Simply email me,  stating the team member who you think will win the tournament and the team member who you think will be the lowest scoring archer. Please note that you must be a current Carrington Accountancy client to enter.  So, left a bit, right a!!!!




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