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Important Filing Dates

Through the year, directors should be aware of important dates where certain returns or payments are due. Most deadlines are dictated by your company year end date, your first year end date will be a year after your incorporation date but always the last day of that month E.g. If the incorporation date was the 10 January 2008, then the first year end date will be the 31 January 2009.

Corporation Tax Payment due to HMRC

Payment is due 9 Months + 1 day after the year end. We will advise you of the amount payable based on the monthly reports you submit to us.

Year End Accounts

This document is due at Companies house 9 months after the year end. We will prepare this for you and then send it to you for signature and delivery.

VAT returns

If your company is to be registered for VAT, once it is registered we will need to calculate and submit a VAT return to HMRC every quarter (3 months). We need to receive your monthly invoice & expenses reports every month in order to prepare these returns and will advise you of the amount payable to HMRC each quarter.

PAYE contributions

If you will be drawing a salary from your company, we will provide you with the National Insurance and PAYE tax due to HMRC every month by way of a pay slip, you will need to ensure you pay this amount by the 19th of the month following the month the salary was taken.

Companies House Annual Return

Directors are to file Annual returns with Companies House 28 days after their anniversary date of incorporation. This can be filed on the Companies House website and Companies House will post reminders when this is due.

Self Assessment returns

These are personal returns that relate to tax years April – April and have be to be with HMRC with payment of any underpayment by 31st January of each year. Carrington can prepare these for you each year but they are not included in the service fees and you will need to contact Carrington and request this service.


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