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Limited Company

Forming and administering your own limited company, with the support of a professional firm of accountants like Carrington, is simple, rewarding and cost effective. We can help you in forming your company, opening a business bank account, registering you for VAT and PAYE and help you in understanding the ins and outs of setting a salary, drawing dividends, etc.

Benefits of Contracting through your own limited company:

  • The most tax efficient way of working, meaning you will take home more money
  • Claim a wide range of expenses – business travel, equipment, software, even our monthly fees.
  • Access to the VAT Flat Rate scheme.
  • You are in control of your financial affairs which means you do not risk the implications of a third party administrator.

Contracting through your own Limited Company is the most tax efficient way of taking home more of your hard earned money. The financial rewards for owning and working through your own limited company outweigh the small amount of monthly administration that you will have to do i.e. sending us your monthly invoice and expenses details so we can keep your accounts up to date.

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