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IR35 Review

Entering into a contract that is IR35 compliant should be a priority for any contractor. However not everyone has the experience, confidence or time to analyse each clause of their new contract to ensure they are outside of IR35. With employment status being such a complicated issue it is essential to gain professional advice.

Carrington will review your contract and highlight any possible clauses that may fall within IR35, including advice (if necessary) on how to improve the contract and suggest any changes that may safeguard you further. We will give you the satisfaction that your contract does fall outside the IR35 legislation and that you are able to determine your own salary levels. Furthermore, this review could be used as evidence of IR35 status in the event of an HMRC investigation into your company. The average cost if you fail in an HMRC investigation into IR35 is £7,000 for each year they look into and they can go back seven years.

Our fee is £175 plus vat for the full review and our findings.

To take advantage of this review, please contact us on 020 3713 4530 or email us at

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