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IR35 Guarantee

Because we are so confident of our knowledge and expertise surrounding IR35, if we review your contract and consider it to be outside IR35, we will offer you a guarantee against your contract. Our IR35 guarantee service includes:

  • A review of your contract and if found to be outside IR35, we may offer you a guarantee for 12 months from the review date.
  • Should you be investigated by HMRC, Carrington will represent you & defend your case.
  • Should you be found guilty of being within IR35, your total income (less minor deductions) could be deemed to be salary subject to PAYE and NI. Failure to correctly account for PAYE and NI could result in significant penalties and interest.
  • As you will be covered by the guarantee, Carrington will be liable for any penalties you may incur as a result of that specific contract.
  • The quality & professionalism of our IR35 contract review service is confirmed by our PCG accredited status.

Our fee is £200 + VAT.

For more details about this service, please contact us on 020 3713 4530, or alternatively email us on


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