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Business Start Ups

Many people decide to start their own businesses as they believe they have a good proposition that can succeed and ultimately be financial successful.  There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when the business starts and this includes everything from the actual structure of the business to deciding what ongoing accounting information will be needed.  Carrington Accountancy can help you in these decisions – just come to us with your business idea.

We will be able to help you:

Decide the best structure for your business, whether that may be sole trade, partnership, Limited Company or LLP

Prepares a suitable financial business plan which includes projections for cashflow, preparing budgets, trading forecasts

Analyse and advise on any finance that may be required and assist with preparing any necessary proposals for the finance company

Complete any necessary registrations with HMRC and if applicable, Companies House

Set up a suitable bookkeeping system for you and assist with VAT, Payroll and other accounting requirements

Help with the initial set up of your record keeping and advise you on systems such as Sage.

We don’t charge by the hour and will always offer you a fixed price for our services. It may be that you don’t need everything from the list above – that’s fine for us, just let us know what you need and will be quote you a fixed price.

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